Short Jokes For Kids The Best 50 New Short Jokes

Short Jokes For Kids The Best 50 New Short Jokes These short, clean jokes for kids are so funny,The Best 50 New funny Short Jokes for childrens.
Q. What has hundreds of ears but can’t hear a thing?
A. A cornfield!

Q: Why didn’t the zombie go to school?
A: He felt rotten!

Q: Which fruit is a vampire’s favorite?
A: Neck-tarine!

Q: How do you fix a damaged jack-o-lantern?
A: You use a pumpkin patch!

Q: What do Italian ghosts have for dinner?
A: Spook-hetti!

Q: What dog breed would Dracula love to have as a pet?
A: Blood hound!

Q: Why is a cemetery a great place to write a story?
A: Because there are so many plots there!

Q: What do female ghosts use to do their makeup?
A: Vanishing Cream!

Q: What do witches ask for at hotels?
A: Broom service!
Short Jokes For Kids The Best 50 New Short Jokes
Corny Jokes For Kids The Best 50 Best Corny kids jokes
Q: What did the mummy ghost say to the noisy young ghost who kept interrupting?
A: “Spook when you’re spooken to.”

Q: What do ghosts wear when their eyesight gets blurred?
A: Spooktacles

Q: What would be the national holiday for a nation of vampires?
A: Fangs-giving!

Q: What is a skeleton’s favorite musical instrument?
A: A Trombone!

Q: What genre of music does a mummy like the best?
A: Wrap!

Q: What does a ghost call his mom and dad?
A: His transparents.

Q: How do you get inside a locked cemetery at night?
A: Use a Skeleton Key to unlock the gates!

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